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Does the Use of Intratesticular Blocks in Dogs Undergoing Orchiectomies Serve as an Effective Adjunctive Analgesic?

Erik Davis Fausak, Elizabeth Rodriguez, Anna Elizabeth Simle, Netwarat Merman, Dakota Cook

Published:  10/12/2018    in:  Knowledge Summaries
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PICO question

In dogs undergoing orchiectomy, does the use of intratesticular blocks reduce the pain in patients compared to not using intratesticular blocks?

Clinical bottom line

Low level of evidence suggests that when compared to a pre-medication with pure-µ agonist opioids, intratesticular blocks do not appear to provide significant benefit.  However, based on our clinical scenario where pre-medication is with a partial-µ opioid like buprenorphine, there may be benefit in utilising intratesticular lidocaine or bupivicaine.

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